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Monday, April 29, 2013

How to configure C3560 dhcp server for Nortel ip phones

We are just trying to setup a dhcp server in my catalyst 3560 switch for a nortel ip phones.   
We would like to setup the dhcp server on our c3560.
ip dhcp pool voice
   option 191 ascii "VLAN-A:3"
    option 128 ascii "Nortel-i2004-A,,1,5."
   lease 0 2

The same switch will be the dhcp server

interface Vlan3
ip address

Can you please help?


Nortel IP Phones: IP 2002 (Firmware Version 0604D9H)  & IP 1110 (Firmware Version 0623C7)


You don't need an IP helper address on the switch.

A IP phone send out a dhcp discover on the DATA vlan first.
So you have to move the vlan option, in your case option 191, to the DATA scope. The IP phone will see this option when it get's an IP address of the DATA scope. Then it will release the IP address and sends out a discover in the VOICE LAN. Then it will get an IP address of the VOICE scope and will recognize option 128 to find out where the nortel systems are.

This is normal behaviour of an IP phone.
There are other techniques to implement IP phones on the network,Like LLDP-MEDfor example.
The IP  phone has to support these techniques

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