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Monday, May 20, 2013

How many configurable static route can you have on Catalyst 3750-X

With LAN Base, Cisco throw in capability for a very small number of static routes. They do this with their 2960 series layer-2 switches as well. Like Antonios says, the switch needs to be set to an approprirate SDM Template to access this limited routing capability. I think the default 3750-X template is the one you need.

With IP Base and above, you are opening up the switch's standard static routing capability. There will be some static route limit, but it's going to be very very high - i.e. nothing like 16.

Both ip base and ip services licenses have the same templates but different features. Please click here to check the details  on "Cisco IOS Software Packaging and Licensing"

c3750x use templates to optimize its works. So, you can select what template is better for your enviroment. Static routes are unicast routes. Please click here to check how many unicast routes are supported by each template.

Click here (Cisco login required) for the Datasheet on LAN Base feature set.

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