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Friday, May 17, 2013

How many licenses do we need for two 6500 with supT2s running VSS?

 Also what does the license state active, not in use mean? It seems contradictory.

show license feature shows enabled no. What does that mean? What features are turned on using  MACSec_Encryption.

Router#sh license all
License Store: Primary License Storage
StoreIndex: 0   Feature: MACSec_Encryption                 Version: 1.0
        License Type: Permanent
        License State: Active, Not in Use
        License Count: Non-Counted
        License Priority: Medium
Router#sh license feature
Feature name             Enforcement  Evaluation  Subscription   Enabled
MACSec_Encryption        yes          no          no             no 

No license is required for running VSS with sup2T and IOS 15.0SY.

MACSec License is only needed if you are doing encryption for VSL.

License State: Active, Not in Use
show license feature shows enabled no.
This means is MACSec is not configured so license was not activated.

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