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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BGP Default and Backbone Routes

Read several threads on the various routing options available when using BGP, but, am still not clear on which option available to us would allow us to do what we're looking for, with the equipment that we have.

We're currently using a 2821 router with 256MB of memory, and have just one ISP now.  We're looking to get service from a second ISP, who will be providing a /24 block of IP's to use for BGP.   Our goal is to allow for redundant connectivity from the internet, to our hosted services.  However, there are some inbound (and outbound) connections services that we would prefer to use one ISP over the other.

Given our router's specs, it doesn't look like we can handle the full routing table.   But if we were to just receive the default routes, would this be sufficient for what we're trying to accomplish?

The full options that we have are:

Default Route

Default & Backbone Routes
Default & Full Routes
Default Route
Full Routes
ISP Backbone Routes

(I just noticed that we can upgrade this router to 1GB RAM with 2x 512MB DIMMs)

Yes the default route is very good option, you will need to use more specific routes if you want to prefer one path over the other for specific destination or you can play with the config.

Before you lease the /24 subnet, check with the two ISPs if they can advertise this subnet, some ISPs put restrictions, an example some ISPs don’t advertise less than /22. You may need to use a private AS, check with the two AS if they are willing to do this, if not possible then you will need to get a public AS but mostly there is no need for that.

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