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Monday, September 16, 2013

ISO ,Native IOS and CatOS

What is the  different between ISO. NATIVE IOS , catOS 
which switch and router support OS.
Please specify with model name

All Cisco Catalyst switches currently manufactured run IOS. CatOS has not been shipping on any Catalyst switch since about 2008. The CatOS End-of-sale and End-of-Life notice announces this:

If you have a very old switch that is still running CatOS, in most cases you cannot replace its operating system with IOS. There are some exceptions (i.e., the Catalyst 6509) but any switch that old is well past its useful lifetime and would be better replaced with a modern one running IOS.

Cisco routers have always run IOS since it was branded as such back in the early 1990s. Some newer Catalyst switches and routers run a variation known as IOS-XE and some ASR routers (plus the CSR and 12000) run IOS-XR. They are still "IOS" but have some modular features and are built on a Linux kernel (IOS-XE) or QNX Realtime Operating system (IOS-XR).

Nexus switches run NX-OS.

Lots of information including the model numbers you asked about are on this Cisco white paper:

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