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Friday, October 11, 2013

How to pass traffic from BGP routing to a VPN destination.

Difficulty on the BGP routing issue. I have 2 routers, router A1 and router A2 are running in BGP for routing connection. Currently we setup a site to site VPN from router A2 to router B. Once the VPN connection establish, how to we connect to router B from router A1? Attached diagram below:-

It looks right. From this config, you'll be able to get to the shared subnet between A2 and B, but what's on the LAN side for B? You'll need to have a static address for that unless you're going to run a routing protocol. On Router B, you'll need a static route for A1 to point to A2 in order to get return traffic from A1 to B and back. 
For example, if your lan subnet on Router B is, on A2 you would create a static route: 
ip route  
On Router A2, you're redistributing statics, so A1 would know how to get to B since A2 knows and is advertising that to A1.

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