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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

“no peer neighbor-route" for PPP interfaces

In our PPP implementations, we never used "no peer neighbor-route" on any PPP interfaces. Everything seems fine, including routing protocol adjacencies. we can ping peer interface IP and local PPP interface IP.

Often heard about "no peer neighbor-route". Can someone show in what situation it would be necessary to use it for PPP interfaces?

·       The PPP peer neighbor route is useful when each end of the PPP link is on a different subnet like when using ip unnumbered interfaces( borrowing the IP address from another interface for the PPP interface).
if both ends are on same subnet then you can safely disable the peer neighbor route.

·       PPP peer work because of IPCP protocol. This will be useful when we have 2 Routers in a 2 different subnet and without any protocol we want to communicate means this peer neighbor route will come to help. It was also used in unnumbered link

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