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Sunday, November 24, 2013

What are the procedures for adding new switches to the production?

We have three core switches and 8 access switches.
We configured VTP on two core switches with the same VTP configuration

Q1:Which one will act as a server ?

Q2:What is the use of transparent mode in production any use for this ?
Q3:Suppose if we want to add new switch in same production  what is the procedure ?
Q4: Where is all VLAN information and format of storage?

1. All the switches by default act as server. However, switch a higher revision number will propagate the VLANs to other switches in the same VTP domain (Show vtp status)

2. If the switch is in transparent mode the configuration revision number resets to 0 and it does not participate in VTP and it doesn't stop any VLAN propagation from server to other switches.

3. Change the VTP mode to transparent (Which resets the revision number to 0) and connect it to the existing network then change it to client so that it receives the VLAN database from the server.

4. The vlans will be stored in vlan.dat (vlan database) and will be normally seen under flash.

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