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Saturday, December 14, 2013

What is the difference between next-hop-self and ebgp-multihop ?

In order to make the iBGP neighbor can direct to right next hop when an update message comes from an eBGP neighbor, we should configure a cmd: neighbor x.x.x.x next-hop-self which can change the original next hop. but i found another cmd "neighbor x.x.x.x multihop x "can reach the goal as well. what is the difference between them? and how to conclude a accurate x .

The ebgp-multihop feature doesn't change the next-hop it is used when doing eBGP peering between 2  external peer addresses that are not directly connected.By doing this we change the outgoing TTL for eBGP from 1 to x or by default if we don't specify anything to 255.

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