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Monday, January 6, 2014

How can we configure email server in this topology and where?

Redundancy in both the router and switches,  assigned one layer2 2960 switch as a VTP server and assigned VLANs from that switch then assigned ports to the hosts in access layer switches.

Problem 1:  If we take off Router1 off it is unable to ping so the purpose of having redundant router does not serve the purpose.
Problem 2 : We need to assign DHCP server for the users who will be connecting wirelessly with Access Points, so can we configure DHCP on Access Points which we are unable to do so in Packet tracer any idea how? / Or shall we configure the DHCP on Router1 and Router2 and exclude the addresses we assigned to all the hosts connected using ethernet.
Also how can we configure Email server in this topology and where?

(1) Need to configure either HSRP (Hot standby routing protocol) or VRRP (Virtual routing redundancy protocol), or GLBP (Gateway load balancing protocol).

With either of this config, you will be able to configure 1 logical IP address, which will act as a gateway on your computers. However, both routers will need different IP's (all within the same subnet). You will also need to create multiple HSRP groups to support all your VLAN's. So one HSRP group per VLAN. The logical IP in the HSRP group will act as the default gateway on computers within the VLAN.

Though I don't think packet tracer supports any of the above configs - FYI it's part of the CCNP Switch sylabus. So the above explaination will make sense after you've got a good understanding of HSRP, VRRP and/or GLBP.

(2) Recommend :-  setting both the Router as a DHCP server, and configure the Access Point (AP) with a static IP (disable NAT and DHCP on the AP)

(3) In packet tracer, choose the Server icon and check it's properties. You should find an option to enable EMAIL server. Connect it to any of the Distribution layer switches.

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