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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How can we register 8961 to CUCM 8.6?

Can't get the 8961 to register to the CUCM 8.6. The 7941 registered without a problem. We verified that we correctly entered the MAC Address. Our 8961 can reach the TFTP server and get its TFTP file.

Status Messages:

00:41:37 VPN Error :VPN is not configured.

00:41:36 SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX.cnf.xml.sgn (HTTP)

00:41:33 Trust List Updated

00:41:32 Updating Trust List

We verified the traces on CUCM and the phone really gets its tftp file. Those 4 messages loop and phone displays : "Phone Not Registered". In the CUCM Admin page, the registration status says : Unknown..

The usual issue when SIP phones do not register is when there is no line configured on the device.  SIP phones require a line number to be configured if they are not auto registering because the phone has to learn of it's directory number from the TFTP config file so that it knows what to put in the SIP REGISTER message.  Double check that there is a line set on the device in CUCM and if there's not add one and the phone should register.

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