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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Should we configure WRED on the edge of network?

We have a lot of remote branches with a WAN ISP MPLS link to our HQ and the question is:

Since the core routers are not possession of mine, we can only change the configuration on the edge.
And the slowest path is this 1mbps link between the router on the edge and the ISP core.

Should we configure WRED on the edge of network, despite Cisco suggests to use it only on core routers?

It is not advised to use WRED, on the edge, for random early detect drops.  It can be useful for multi-tier drops, through.

For edge (to cloud), FQ tends to work well, optionally with special classes/weights for special traffic.

If traffic flows hub-to-spoke, shaping on the hub to match spoke bandwidths often permits more granular QoS then provided by SP.  If any-to-any traffic, you'll need to rely on QoS provided by SP (although you might still need to special queue hub's traffic to cloud).

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