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Saturday, March 8, 2014

How to configure a Cisco Catalyst Express 500 series switch?

What are the steps involved in Configuring a Cisco Catalyst Express 500 series switch?

This is the basic setup procedure for the Cisco Catalyst Express 500 series switch:
  1. Make sure that nothing is connected to the switch.
  2. Power up the switch.
  3. Wait for the Setup LED to blink green.
  4. Press the Setup button. When the Setup button is pressed, a switch port LED begins to blink green.
  5. When a switch port LED blinks green, connect the PC to that port. This computer must be configured to get the IP address through Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
  6. When the Setup LED turns green, start a browser session on the PC.
  7. Open a web browser. If the browser does not pull up the GUI automatically, then go to and configure the device.
  8. Enter the network settings, username and password and click Submit.
  9. Select the option No, Thanks when the switch shows the Recommended Smartport Assignments windows. Customize the Smartport role assignment later on.
  10. Click Submit to save changes and finish the basic configuration.
  11. Click Restart/Reset on the GUI dashboard.
  12. When the switch comes up, open a browser and go to http://. Remember to set up you LAN adapter with an IP address within the same subnet of the switch management interface.
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