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Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to configure SNR Remote Destination CUCM Cisco?

What is SNR/Remote Destination?How to configure SNR/remote Destination on CUCM?

If someone calls you on your desk phone and SNR is configured like your mobile phone is associated with your desk phone, your mobile phone will also be connected after configurable number of seconds. So when you are moving somewhere from your desk and, your call will never me missed.

Now let’s talk about it’s configuration, it’s pretty easier to configure, follow me: 

1. Create an end user and associate desk phone: 

 2. Configure Remote Destination Profile (RDP):  

Go in Device->Device Settings->remote destination Profile

1)Make sure your remote destination number ie your Mobile number matches a Route pattern going to your Gateway 2)Make sure the Re-routing CSS has the access to the Route pattern to successfully route the call to your mobile number.  
3)Associate the Line number to your Desk phone extension (very IMP)

3. Configure Remote Destination:

Go to Device->Remote Destination
Make sure you check Mobile phone and enable Mobile connect.

Associate it with the Remote destination Profile.

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