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Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to disable IGMP snooping for the static MAC address on the defined interfaces of a Catalyst 6500 switch?

No ip igmp snooping command in order to enable disable IGMP snooping?
IGMP snooping is only relevant on a per-multicast MAC address basis, not on per-interface and this feature is applied globally. You have the option to disable it on a particular multicast MAC address with the disable-snooping option, but it is by no means necessary.
You can leave snooping on, and make a static mac-address-table entry for a particular multicast MAC in order to have it statically configured.
The mac-address-table static mac-address vlan-id interface-type disable-snooping command sends any traffic destined for this MAC address in specified VLAN to mentioned interfaces, and it sends an IGMP in order to disable the ability for other hosts connected to the switch to receive the stream.
The mac-address-table static command is used in this scenario to take igmp snooping out of the equation, as igmp snooping is a dynamic method to map multicast MAC addresses to multiple ports, by the static configuration of which ports get a multicast stream.
In a scenario when you have a group of servers share a multicast IP/MAC address, but do not use IGMP, you can perform either of these options:
  • Disable IGMP snooping in order to flood the multicast traffic out all ports in the VLAN.
  • Statically configure ports that receive stream, for example, the mac-address-table static entry.

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