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Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to upgrade the IOS Image of Access Point?

What is an Acess Point and what are the process to upgrade the IOS Image of Acces Point?

  • Access point (AP) is a device that allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network using Wi-Fi, or related standards.
  • Here,Upgrade the IOS Image in the AP model - AIR-AP1142N-A-K9 
Architecture for AP in a Site:
ap diagram.png
  • Install the hyperterminal Software in the machine from which we are connecting the AP.
  • Install the TFTP software
  • Latest firmware of Access Point should be in the TFTP folder
  • Console Cable
  • Connect the PC/Laptop to the site in which the Access Point is present via Wi-Fi
  • Take the backup of Old AP image (Future Reference)
Step 1: Using the Console Cable, connect your Laptop to console port of the Access Point.
Step 2: Run the tftp.exe file in the TFTP Folder to get the TFTP IP Address.
Step 3: Open the hyperterminal, give any name, click the icon and then press ok.
Step 4: Select the COM Port and then press ok. 
Step 5: Set the Restore default, after that press ok.
Step 6: Go to Privilege mode. Type the command as follows
Step 7: Type the command show flash to view the old and new firmware name.
  • sh flash
Step 8:  Delete the old firmware file by
  • delete /recursive flash:old firmware name
  • Eg: delete /recursive flash:c1140-k9w7-mx.124-21a.JA1
Step 9:  Now again type the show flash command to check whether the
old firmware file is deleted.
  • sh flash
Step 10: Reload the Access Point by giving the command
  • Reload

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  1. im having some issues not sure if the .tar file is loaded into tftp i click show dir and its there. Also when i run the archive tar /xtract tftp:// flash: command it doesnt like the R


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