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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Unable to register a new IP phone 7941G to the Cisco CallManager 4.1(2) SR1, what is the resolution for this issue?

The new 7941G IP phones fail to register with the Cisco CallManager 4.1(2)SR1, because the 7941G phone does not appear in the drop-down menu when an attempt is made to add a new phone.

The 7941G IP phones are supported by these versions of the Cisco CallManager:
  • 3.3 (5)SR1
  • 4.0(2)SR2b
  • 4.1(3)SR1
In order to resolve this issue, install the latest Engineering Special (ES) patch for the respective Cisco CallManager servers. Support for 7941G is added in the latest ES for Cisco CallManager 4.1.2 as well, in addition to other Cisco CallManager versions. The ES version 63.2 for Cisco CallManager 4.1.2 adds support for the 7941G phones with the Cisco CallManager server.
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