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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Will the Cisco 857 autoconnect after a dropped connection?

ADSL provider loses sync during bad weather and cannot do anything about it. The issued modem also drops the connection. 
Called Cisco to see if they had a product which would reconnect the dsl signal automatically when it became available again. (saving me time and money)
The 857 integrated router was recommended.
Was able to replace the issued modem with the 857 and was successful in gaining Internet access with an WinXP box. Not a problem.
Then tried to connect a linux box but was unable to gain Internet access.
My two questions-
#1 Will the 857 autoconnect after a dropped connection? If not, can you guide me to a solution.
#2 Can this unit be setup with a Suse linux box?

As for question 1: Yes it should only be administrativily down, so it should pop back up.
As for question 2:
 I have thought that I could create an emulator at a Linux console (monitor) by setting the environment variable TERM to the type of terminal they would like to emulate, like VT 100. When it did not work ,was wondering why not? Linux actually emulates term type; Linux. Setting the TERM environment variable to any type of terminal other than "Linux" will not result in emulating that other terminal, it corrupted my interface since I have falsely declared that my terminal is of a type different from what it actually is.
For Linux term emulation,  have had good luck with Minicom. Seyon also works, but Minicom seems to be better. If you are a ProComm user, you can do this also if you run DOSemu.
You can also plug a modem into the console port with the config:
Router(config)# line console 0
Router(config-line)# modem enable
Router(config-line)# exit
Router(config)# line aux 0
Router(config)# flowcontrol hardware
Now you can dial into the router and access the console port. Beats driving!

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