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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How To Shut Down Single Switch In Stack Remotely?

How to shutdown a single switch in stack remotely from the Telnet session in Cisco Catalyst 3500/3700 series switches.Lets take an example that you are troubleshooting remotely from the Telnet session and would like to turn off only the 5th switch in the stack.
From the remote telnet session, if you issue a reload from the telnet session of the switch the entire  stack will reload since the session you are seeing is the master's  session.

To turn off only a specific switch in a stack and to bring the power back on the same switch, use the command
For example:
SWITCH#power supply ?
  <1-9>  Switch Number
SWITCH#power supply 2 ?
  off  Set the internal PS off
  on   Set the internal PS on
By using the above the command, the 2nd switch in the stack is power down with Off keyword and is turned on using the On keyword.
Note: This is just a work around to bring a specific switch down in a stack, but it is still best to use the stack cables to unstack the switches. This command basically isolates the switch from the stack.You can check the status of the power supplies for a switch or switch stack by using the command show env power.

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