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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Why is Cisco 8941/8945 IP Phone Stuck or Frozen with "Upgrade in progress"?

The Cisco Unified IP Phone 8941 and 8945 may become stuck, hung, or frozen with "Upgrade in progress" on the display.  When this happens the spinning progress icon will stop spinning and the phone will not respond to button presses.How do we solve this?

This occurs when an 8941 or 8945 phone is running firmware version 9.3(2)SR1 or earlier and a firmware upgrade is attempted to version 9.4(1).  In order to upgrade the phone to firmware version 9.4(1) from 9.3(2)SR1 or earlier a stepped upgrade is required.  Firmware Release 9.4(1) can be upgraded only from Release 9.3(4).  
To recover a phone that is stuck at the "Upgrade in progress" screen due to trying to upgrade to firmware version 9.4(1) from a source firmware version other than 9.3(4) the phone will need to be powered cycled.  Power cycle the phone only after changing the phone load in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) to 9.3(4) instead of 9.4(1) to fulfil the stepped upgrade requirement.  After the phone has successfully upgraded to firmware version 9.3(4) the phone can be upgraded to 9.4(1).

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  1. I have successfully upgraded 8945s with the interim upgrade as suggested. However I have one 8945 with 9.1.2 and it will not upgrade to 9.3.1 or 9.3.4. Any ideas?

  2. Thank you, this helped us out a lot.

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